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Ohio Hologram

  • Ohio Hologram
  • Ohio Hologram
  • Ohio Hologram
  • Ohio Hologram
Model No.︰Ohio
Brand Name︰HL
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 1 / pc
Minimum Order︰1000 pc
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Product Description

Transparent hologram sticker holographic label laser sticker for card 

Quick Details:

Material: Usage:Type:Feature:Custom Order:Place of Origin:Brand Name:Model Number:Ohio

Packaging & Delivery

Single item

18X18X18 cm

5.0 kg






2. Anti-fake ID card, certificate,ticket, coupon.

4. Dot matrix hologram label.

6. Multi-channel hologram label.

8. Rainbow hologram label.

10. Tamper evident hologram label.

12. Hot stamping foil.

14. Security water mark.

16. Light-revealable hiding image.

18. Micro-text.

20. Color-changing.

22. Bar code with serial number.

24. VOID tamper evident sticker.

26. Magnetic sensitive technique.

28. Paper money texture.

30. Demoralized micro-text security line.


Hang tag, Security coupon,  anti-counterfeiting certificate, anti-fake ticket,self-adhesive sticker...

We make all kind of overlay hologram/laminate. If you want to make any order or inquiry, feel free to contact us. We are profession to made all kind of security hologram sticker/laminate

Payment Terms︰bitcoin
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